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17th edition wiring regulations Amendment 3

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

From the 1st January 2015 the regulations are changing again, Electricians will have a 6 month transition period to get up to speed with the changes.

It will then be a requirement that all electrical installations designed and periodically inspected after the 30th June 2015 will after comply with the updated regulations.

17th edition split load consumer unit

Thursday, June 12th, 2014



17th edition split load board correctly labelled up.


Pictures taken from site:

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014


Here are a few pictures taken from site of unsafe and shabby electrical works:

picture 1: Main service head into the property which someone has tampered with.
Picture 2: Existing sub main which has not had a fused isolator installed to protect the circuit.
Picture 3: 500watt security light inside a loading bay which has melted the adaptable box.

New Apprentice

Friday, February 3rd, 2012


Trading into the 13th year and going from strength to strength, MPB Electrical have taken on their new apprentice “Luke”.

Luke”s apprenticeship will take approximately 3 years on block release at Leeds city college, When not at college Luke will be out on site in Leeds and surrounding area”s covering all aspects of electrical work ranging from Domestic, Commercial and Industrial.

The college course will start in September, in the mean time Luke will be out on site  5 days  a week learning all aspects of been an electrician.

Luke will work closely with an approved electrician throughout his apprenticeship developing his skills and taking an hands on approach to all tasks.

Luke has completed his 1st year at college passing his City & Guilds qualifications, Luke as progressed rapidly over the last 18 months and now starting his 2nd year at college.

Luke has the ability to carry out small electrical installation work under supervision from lighting, radial circuits to ring mains.

Cowboy electricians

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Home owners are urged to use NICEIC qualified electricians after visiting numerous properties were “wannabe electricians” have carried out shoby and DANGEROUS electrical work putting property owners at risk from electric shock or possible death. All property owners should be using fully approved NICEIC electrical contractors or NICEIC part P domestic installers for dwellings. If property owners are unsure if the electrician is registered  (NICEIC approved) they can take the electrical contractors enrolment number and check this by going to:

How does an RCD work?

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Residual Current Devices are now firmly established around the world as a primary means of providing protection against electrocution and fires caused by electrical faults. Less than one quarter of an amp (250mA) Leaking from a faulty installation can generate sufficient heat to start a fire or if leakage through a human body for only 200mS can cause heart fibrillation and subsequent death.


An RCD protects by constantly monitoring the current flowing in the live and neutral wires supplying a circuit or individual item of equipment. Under normal circumstances, the current flowing in the two wires is equal. When an earth leakage occurs due to a fault in the circuit or an accident with the equipment, an imbalance occurs and this is detected by the RCD, which automatically cuts off the power before injury or damage can result. To be effective, the RCD must operate very quickly at a low earth leakage current. Those designed to protect human life are engineered to trip out with an earth leakage current of 30mA within 200mS and at a higher earth current of 150mA, they will trip in less than 40mS. These limits are well inside the safety zone, within electrocution or fire would not be expected to occur.

If you require any further information you can contact martin at:

17th Edition 1st Amendment

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

The 1st Amendment to BS7671: 2008 Requirements for Electrical Installation (IEE Wiring Regulations, Seventeenth Edition) is to be released on 1st July 2011 with a transition period up until 1st Janruary 2012. There are a number of new sections and updates, some of these are listed below. Measure against electromagnetic disturbances – new section 444 Medical locations – new section 710 Operating or maintenance gangways – new section 729 Devices for protection against overvoltage (surge protection) – new section 729 Certification and reporting – Appendix 6 Periodic reports may also be known as a Electrical condition report from 1st July 2011 with a number of changes, including a series of new inspection schedules. On the new report the four observation codes have now been replaced by three. Code 1 – Danger present Code 2 – Potentailly dangerous Code 3 – Imrpovement recommended

Electricians Covering all Areas Of Yorkshire and Leeds

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

MPB Electrical have served the Yorkshire and Leeds area with all their domestic, industrial and commercial electrical needs over the past 14 years. All work carried by us has the relevant NICEIC certificate to cover the work and by fully qualified electricians to the current IEE 17th edition regulations. For a complete list of all the electrical work we undergo in Leeds and the Yorkshire area, please follow this link : electricians Leeds